We offer rental helmet in 2 sizes

ヘルメットを2サイズにて用意しています。 In our tours, we ask everybody to wear a helmet. Helmet comes with E-bike we rent. The traffic rules of Tokyo Metropolitan Government says that you are to obliged effort to wear a helmet, so it will be safer to wear them anyway. There are two sizes. SM, and ML.SM size is fits up to their height is up to around 170cm (5ft 6in). For person who's height is more than 165cm (5ft 4in), ML size fits good. As matter of fact, helmet will anyhow fits you so please don't worry, we will offer ML size regularly. If smaller size is needed for sure, please tell at the time of booking. 私どものツアーではヘルメットを被っていただくよう、お願いしています。ヘルメットは、Eバイクといっしょに、無料でお貸し出ししています。東京都の交通ルールでは、ヘルメットを被る努力を義務付けられていますし、ど

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