What does Japanese people say when they start eating? 日本では、食べ始めるときなんて言ってるの?

Yes. The every Japanese people says a same phrase before each meals. "Itadaki masu" is what we are saying. This word is like supervision before eating anything. What it means is in general "Let's eat!". Although it will miss the intention of what this word really has. The word "Itadaki masu" has the meaning equivalent to "get, have, receive". Reason we say this before meals, has various interpretations there, but in the broad sense it is taken as ”getting it's life". Facing the food in front of you, it does not matter if it is a animal or plants, vegetable and rice. It is all life. To keep that in mind, and to be the body as well, we will sitting on our dining table saying "Itadaki masu -- I

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