What does people say when we enter shops? お店に入るとき、私たちはなんて言われている?

There is a phrase you will hear when you entered a shop in Japan. Sometimes it sounds like "Chasse say" or "Letterhead". What are they saying? Japanese welcomes you by saying the word "Irasshai mase". Off course it means "Welcome!" in English. The thing is that you might not recognize that they are saying so. Well, we think it is all done by because it is difficult to pronounce this word very polite and formal. If you carefully try to say nice and proper "Irasshai mase", tongue tangles are likely happen, and difficult to pronounce them in active voice. For that people got tired of saying "Irasshai mase" too seriously, shifting and changing the sound itself to be said easier, and louder. The

About beef bowl beyond that corner その角の先にある牛丼について

Beef bowl, "Guy-don" is a meal of beef("gyu") on rice bowl("don") for those of you hungry in sudden. Cooked shredded beef and onion put on rice bowl. your hunger will fly away with this bowl. It will be popular not only for its taste but also for its price. Regular size "Nami" is about 290 yen to 380 yen depending on shop and campaign. You can satiety your hunger with very good price compared to other restaurants and sushi restaurants. Beef bowls can be eaten at street corner stores such as "Yoshinoya", "Matsuya", "Sukiya". It will not be a problem to find it because it is all over, around the next corner. The beef bowl is delicious itself, but there is another way to enjoy them better. Ask

How about TKG - the Tamago Kake Gohan - raw egg with rice? ザ・TKG - 卵かけご飯 - ってどーよ?

There is a way of eating rice and egg, "Tamago kake Gohan". Raw egg(tamago) on(kake) rice(gohan). Everyone in Japan knows it. There is also an another name of "Nyanko(Cat) Rice". Making them is really simple. Mix the beaten egg with rice. It's good with a little soy sauce. The soft flavour of the egg is very suitable with rice. Lot of people loves tamago kake gohan in Japan.There is a guy who even makes the song, "the TKG ("Tamago Kake Gohan" abbreviation) Song". So let's TKG all together. You will find them in hotel breakfasts. 卵かけご飯ってどーよ? 卵かけご飯というご飯の食べ方があります。日本の人はみんな知っています。「にゃんこご飯」という別名がついていたりもします。 作り方は至ってシンプル。溶いた卵をご飯にかけていい具合に混ぜて食べます。ちょっと醤油をかけるといいですね。ふっくらしたご飯には卵のとろみとほんのりとした甘い風味がとても合います。 日

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