Book a tour

Conditions of Tour fees

Please deposit the fee in advance.

※ we will let you know after the tour application.

Where to meet:

Near "Tokyo Station" will be announced on the confirmation of the booking.

What to wear and what to bring:

*Please refer this page also

We offer you a helmet.

Wearing a helmet is not required by Road Traffic Law, but you must wear one for the tour.


Please wear comfortable clothes for cycling. We do not keep your belongings. Please use a coin locker nearby. The bicycle comes with a front basket (27 x 33 x 18cm).


If it rains:

The tour will be held as scheduled even if it rains, but may be canceled due to rough weather.

We will let you know 12 hours prior to the scheduled tour time for carrying it out or not.


We will carry out the tour when it rains and is not rough weather, but you will receive a full refund if you wish to cancel the tour.


For further informations,

Please read our  "Terms and Conditions for tours" 

 Please read tour FAQ page.

Also, reading "Cycling Holiday Tokyo Safety Riding Rulebook" page before you ride will really help you ride safe.

It is Mandatory to read our "Terms and Conditions for tours". Please read before you ride.

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