Enjoy Tokyo with easy going E-bike, then bay twilight cruising

E-bike & Bay Cruise: Enjoy Tokyo from both Land and Sea.


12:30 - 18:30
  Cycling : 12:30 - 15:30 (3 hours)

  Bay Cruise :  16:20 -18:30 (2 hours+)

Tour price per person:(1 drink included with cruise)

18 years old and over:

¥10,000 = ¥9,260 + 8%tax

Under 18 years old (over 12 years):

¥8,500 = ¥7,871 + 8%tax 

       *Adults must be accompanied.

What you will see in:


Enjoy the Tokyo scenic changes dramatically. From Imperial Palace to Hibiya, Tokyo local residential area.


Will be boarding a cruiser boat "VINGT ET UN" for twilight time bay cruising. Relax and enjoy the sunset, the Magic Hours of Tokyo.

Course description:


Cycling course:

     12:30~15:30 3 hours E-bike ride


We will visit…

  • Approx. 17km ( about 12 miles)

  • Tokyo station is first point. You might have seen this architect in Europe. 

  • Imperial Palace is where our emperor live, 400 years of history. 

  • How many gates can you find in the Palace?  

  • Ginza is most expensive area in Japan. Can you guess how much? 

  • Exploring Japanese residential area, back streets, historical area, with beautiful bridge. 

  • Otemachi~Tokyo station~Imperial Palace~Ginza~Tsukudajima

Cruise(Twilight time):

    16:20~18:20(15:50 on board)

  • Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Ooi Pier, Haneda Airport

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