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8+1 rules for the Tokyo safety ride


To have all of the tours safe, there is 8+1 rules that we want participants to follow. These are all part of Japanese traffic rules and regulations.


1. Always Stop on this red upside down triangle "Stop Sign"

2. Bicycles will ride on left side of the roadway. Japan's traffic is left sided. Please keep on the left side when riding on the roadways.

3. Riding on sidewalks are permitted in some cases. However, the pedestrians are the first priority and ride slow. During our tour, we will ride on sidewalks and roadways depending on the situations. This is the sign indicates the sidewalk where bicycle are permitted to ride.

4. When turning right, please "Hook turn". When turning right,we will go straight to cross the road first, then a right turn to cross the road again.

5. Avoid riding side by side, or abreast of another bicycle.

6. Wear your helmet. It is Tokyo city regulation, and is effort obligation.

7. DO NOT DRINK AND RIDE. It is against Traffic Laws. Do not drink alcohol before and during the tour. You can't join our tour if you are already drunk, and you won't receive refunds either in this case. Drink beer after tour.

8. Avoid ringing bells too much for it will be taken rude in Japanese daily manner.

+1. Please behave on smoking during the tour. Mid Tokyo is basically a non-smoking area except for the designated smoking area. If you need to smoke, please let us know and we will find way somehow to make that happen.

Thank you for your cooperations in advance.

Cycling Holiday Tokyo





2. 車道を走る際は、車道の左側を通行します。

3. 場合によっては、自転車が歩道を通ることも許されます。ただし歩行者を優先、徐行します。

4. 右折は「二段階右折」にて行います。信号を2回かけ、道路を2度渡って右折します。