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"The man keeps silence and Katsu don" 男は黙ってカツ丼

There is Japanese saying of "The man keeps silence and Katsu-don".

"Don't get too frustrated and fill your stomach then let's talk", we get it's meaning as this. And the "Katsu-don"= Pork-cutlet-bowl the superior bowl in the hungry men's bowl world.

Katsu-don is a bowl of pork cutlet stewed with grilled onions, egg and soup stock, poured onto white rice bowl and eat them. It is so yummy and stomach full. The taste of meat and bonito soup mixes. Once by all means.

Traditional Japanese Katsu-don could be eaten at soba noodle restaurants. In another term, there is not many way to eat them out of soba restaurants. Even though it is a pork cutlet. Even though it is rice bowl. If you would eat Katsu-don, it would be at soba noodle restaurants. Approximately ¥800 ~ ¥1000 JPY is a standard price.





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