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How about TKG - the Tamago Kake Gohan - raw egg with rice? ザ・TKG - 卵かけご飯 - ってどーよ?

There is a way of eating rice and egg, "Tamago kake Gohan". Raw egg(tamago) on(kake) rice(gohan). Everyone in Japan knows it. There is also an another name of "Nyanko(Cat) Rice".

Making them is really simple. Mix the beaten egg with rice. It's good with a little soy sauce. The soft flavour of the egg is very suitable with rice.

Lot of people loves tamago kake gohan in Japan.There is a guy who even makes the song, "the TKG ("Tamago Kake Gohan" abbreviation) Song". So let's TKG all together. You will find them in hotel breakfasts.




日本ではこの卵かけご飯を愛する人が多くいます。「TKG(Tamago Kake Gohanを略したもの)歌」という歌を作る人まででてきました。あなたもLet’s TKG。ホテルの朝食にあるでしょう。

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