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Look for picturesque landscape during the tour


November is just started!!

ONLY 2 month left in this year.

Now is the best season to see Autumn leaves around city.

The color of Ginkgo tree and Maple tree will change Yellow, Red and orange.

Do you know why we say Gingko tree?

Have you ever smelled it?

One of the customer said.. we call ''Stinkgo tree'' in my country(;^ω^)...

(stinky +ginkgo=Stinkgo )

In suburb Tokyo Hachioji area, there is Ichou(Ginkgo) festival on 16th, 17th Nov.

Clear sky will welcome you in Tokyo.

Why don't we join us!!?

In October, We welcomed a lot of Rugby fan from all over the world.

Thank you for giving us powerful energy.

We really enjoyed guiding with you.

Hopefully, we will see nice game on this weekend🏉

Good luck for the rest of 4 teams.

Have a fun!

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