Which industry is big in Japan?



"Which industry is big in Japan?"


One day, our customer asked us this questions.

We could not answer them right away, so we put them here the information we researched as a note.

We checked the internet and found out from website here.  All datas are from year March 2013.








The Industry scale ranking  業界規模ランキング


1 Wholesale 卸売 88.16 兆円 =  $800 billion USD(約8,000億USドル)

2 Electrical equipment 電気機器 80.71兆円 $727 billion USD 7200億USD

3 Consumer electronics 家電 67.15 兆円  $605 billion USD 6050億USD

4 Automobile 自動車 60.37 兆円  $543 billion USD  5430億USD

5 Retail 小売  56.40兆円  $508 billion USD



Growth percentage ranking 伸び率ランキング


1 Mobile services モバイル 21.3%

2 Net advertisement ネット広告 17.3%

3 Parking lot 駐車場 13.6%

4 Internet services インターネット 13.4%

5 Mobile phone sales 携帯電話販売  13.2%




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