Let's look more detail in E-bike





Let's look further detail of the E-bike. 


This E-bike has 3 modes of assisting power. Operates by the with near the hand. The mode will automatically be in "MID" when the power turned on. Using this mode will be nice and easy on normal run. Once you reached uphill things will be easy when mode is set to "HIGH". There is no problem to continue to run as set in "HIGH". A serious cyclist said that it will be just right with riding power off. 







Our bikes, we use "DOCOMO Bike Share" system. Using the mobile phone mechanism, the latest system examines the position and how the bikes are.

Lock release and the returning confirmations are manage centralized with this system variously. Travelers abroad will be able to rent them themselves. For more details, please check here





Market price of this E-bike is about 120,000yen, about $950USD. Made by Japanese top cycle brand Bridgestone, using the model BIKKE ( http://bikke-bikke.jp ) mainly. It has a form of common bicycle in Japan.


The bike comes with a front basket. Backpack and bags are easy to carry in the basket. Useful to put fundamental things water, handkerchief, and windbreaker. Fatigue will get less when you ride carrying nothing. Front basket is very useful when riding bicycle, try it. 


For Further infomations on our E-bike, see this page.


Eバイクの販売価格は10万円ほど。日本のブリヂストン製、BIKKEというモデル( http://bikke-bikke.jp)を主に使います。日本での一般的な自転車という形をしています。







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