E-Bike Tours

   -note: Minimum passenger count:2 person

Regular E-Bike Tours
*PM  tour -Into the Tokyo Unknown Scenic

-  1:30pm-4:30pm 3hours


Start: Our tour base at Kanda

"Japan Visitor's Wifi and Information Bureau"

1 minute walk from JR KANDA Station.

Kanda ~ Tokyo Station ~ Imperial Palace ~ Ginza ~ Tsukiji ~  Nihombashi ~ Kanda 

End: - Back to Kanda base

Route: Approx. 15km (9.3 miles)

---- 

Seasonal Tours

E-bike & Bay Cruise  12:30~18:30 6hrs

Enjoy Tokyo from both Land and Sea.

Mid July ~ September


We have combined the E-bike easy ride with twilight bay cruise. 3 hours of E-bike landscape to 2 hours of seascape. Enjoy Tokyo from both land and sea.


*Night tours: 19:00-22:00 3hrs

Summer Time Only  ~Mid September ​

Let’s go E-bike cycling in cool night time Tokyo.

Riding 3 hours of brilliant evening easy cruising.

Different landscape in night time. The ride will end near the beach.

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