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Terms and Conditions for tours

* Please read carefully.

* Understanding the following is mandatory for the tour.


Upon participating in the tour planned by Cycling Holiday Tokyo, I agree with the following.


1. Follow the instructions from our staff during the tour.


2. The tour will be canceled if you drink alcohol before and during the


In that case, there is no refund of the tour fee.


3. Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.


4. Follow the instructions that may ask you to stop riding during the tour

when our staff decides it's unsafe for you to ride for a weather condition,

a natural disaster, one's physical, strength and mental condition, and the

condition of the gears including bicycle.


5. Fatal accidents, injuries and any other damages caused to the

participants or subject to the others in connection with the tour, one will

not claim the organizer and other participants more than the casualty

insurance. Also do not call us to any of the responsibility.

*Service included in the tour fee. 

Guiding and insurance.



Wear your helmet. It is Tokyo city regulation, and is effort obligation.

*Drinking alcohol

It is against Road Traffic Law to ride a bicycle when you are intoxicated.

Do not drink alcohol before and through the tour.

If you are already drinking alcohol at the time of the meeting, you can not participate.

You can not receive a full refund either.


The insurance offers those compensations below. And please understand that in any accidents, Cycling Holiday Tokyo will not cover more than insurance offer.

【Insurance for Cycling Holiday Tokyo tour participants.】​

Following insurance amount (maximum) will be paid for the damage from unforeseen accidents during the tour.
Resulting in Death or Incapacity : 1,000,000 JPY/ per person.
Injury treatment costs : 

hospitalization insurance amount 5,000 JPY / per day Maximum limit 180 days

ambulatory health care (delivery) 3,000 JPY / per day *Maximum limit 90 days

liability : 30,000,000 JPY / per person(actual cost).

*Please approve that every insurance amount will only be paid for the hospitalization/attending hospitals within Japan.

*Photos taken during the tour

The photos taken by our staff during the tour may be uploaded to our website and SNS, and printed in our brochure and magazines.

Please let us know in advance if you do not wish to be publicized.


*Privacy policy

Tokyo Cycling Holiday is working hard protecting your personal informations. Your informations provided to us upon your registrations will be only be used for emergency contact during the tour, applying insurance, booking for hotels and transportations. Also, the participant list will made and handed in tour when needed having precondition of keeping all the privacies, but there will be no other chances of leaking informations to third party.

*TOUR CONDITIONS for Cycling Holiday Tokyo(Kaze Culture Club Co., Ltd.)

(1) Clients under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


(2) Cycling Holiday Tokyo(Kaze Culture Club Co., Ltd.) may refuse an application if any one of the client’s age, qualifications, skills or other conditions do not conform to those designated for tours aimed at specific customer categories or purposes.


(3) Independent activities for reasons of the client’s own choosing shall not be arranged by Cycling Holiday Tokyo(Kaze Culture Club Co., Ltd.) during the tour. However, Cycling Holiday Tokyo(Kaze Culture Club Co., Ltd.) may, depending on the tour course, arrange such activities under separate conditions.


(4) Cycling Holiday Tokyo(Kaze Culture Club Co., Ltd.) may refuse client participation if it determines that he or she threatens to embarrass, inconvenience or interfere with the collective activities of tour participants.


(5) Cycling Holiday Tokyo(Kaze Culture Club Co., Ltd.) may also refuse client participation for the tour operational reasons.

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