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E-bike has two sizes SM / ML

We offer rental helmet in 2 sizes

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Our E- bike = Electric Pedal Assist Bike

The E-bikes we use, are the E-assist bike, which is basically a bicycle. The electric motor will assists you when and while you pedal.

It's most benefit is that it could climb hills with ease. Not just in hills, will powerfully assist you in the headwind or on the start.

It's called "Pedelec" or EAPC (Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle) in Western countries, meaning that it is not 100% motorized E-bike.

Bike Size

From ground to saddle

About 90cm : Highest saddle height

About 75cm : Lowest saddle height

* Slightly differs between each models.

●A person who is taller than 145cm can ride the bicycle.

Assisting power can be selected with a bar mounted switch. You can turn it off if you're building more of your fitness.

The bicycle comes with a front basket (27 x 33 x 18cm).

* Slightly differs between each models.

It also comes with fenders in case of rain.

3 speed.

We offer an Electrical-Assist bike service operated by Docomo Share Bike.

Docomo Share Bike is a bike rental service in Tokyo. You can rent the bicycle at one port and return it at another port.



We offer you a helmet. Wear your helmet. It is Tokyo city regulation, and is effort obligation. You must wear one for the tour.


The route is designed by Takashi Niwa.

Niwa has guided Mid-Tokyo cycling tours as "Niwa cycling tours" since 2002.

An author of "東京周辺自転車散歩(Tokyo Bike Pottering)" published by Yama To Keikokusha in 2004, which was a very first guidebook to ride bicycles in Tokyo.

Tour Director: Takashi Niwa

  • Born 1966, Mie, Japan. As entering Dokkyo University, joins cycling club and started bicycling as a tour.

  • 1990 ~ 1992: Tour guide in Montana, USA.

  • 2001: Starts Own bicycle guided tour "Niwa Cycling Tours".

  •  Guiding exotic places from downtown Tokyo to Tibet, Amazon and Sahara desert.

  • 2006: NHK TV program as a teacher.

  •  Publishes Bicycle guide books, and how-to books.

  • 2015 Specialized Japan Ambassdor

Niwa Cycling Tours

        (Travel Agency registration by The Governor of Saitama Prefecture 2-1081) 

Kaze Travel Cycling Tour : Producer

    Producing out of Japan and Oversea guide tour by Niwa.

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