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About our E-bike

CHT E-Bike.jpg
Our E- bike = Electric Pedal Assist Bike

The E-bikes we use, are the E-assist bike, which is basically a bicycle. The electric motor will assists you when and while you pedal.

It's most benefit is that it could climb hills with ease. Not just in hills, will powerfully assist you in the headwind or on the start.

It's called "Pedelec" or EAPC (Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle) in Western countries, meaning that it is not 100% motorized E-bike.

Bike Size

From ground to saddle

About 94cm : Highest saddle height

About 78cm : Lowest saddle height

●A person who is taller than 147cm can ride the bicycle.


The bicycle comes with a front basket (27 x 33 x 18cm).

* Slightly differs between each models.


It also comes with fenders in case of rain.


We offer you a helmet. Please wear helmet, it is Tokyo city regulation, and is effort obligation. It is a must for our tour participants.

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