Once a year precious 2 weeks full of PINK scent

Cherry Blossoms Sakura Tour 

on 2022/3/24 - 2022/4/15  

Connecting the blooming spots. Ride though the cherry blossoms pink and scent.
Once a year tour of precious "Only in Japan" pink spring 2 weeks.

Private Tour only
Limited for 1 group (2-4 people) per day   >>>>  please ask!

 3hours of

  • 10:00 ~ 13:00   

  • 14:00 ~ 17:00  

March 24th (Thu) ~ April 15th (Fri) 2022

2022/3/24 - 2022/4/15 

 3hours of
10:00 ~ 13:00   
14:00 ~ 17:00  

Tour price per GROUP:

  •   2 person Group  : ¥30,000 (tax included) per tour
  •   3~4  person Group  : ¥40,000 (tax included) per tour

  *Participants must be over 12 years old

  *Participants must have 145cm height.

  (Participants under 12 years old are possible if they are well bike experienced and adults accompanied. Please ask)

What you will see :

"Sakura tour" will  be riding the special course connects the  famous and local Cherry blossom blooming spots.

Tour description:
  • "SAKURA", the Cherry Blossom season will arrive. 

  • Private tours only -- only your group will be guided on each tour. (not mixed group)  

  • For the limited time only, when the cherry blossoms blooms

  • The special course connects the  Cherry blossom blooming spots.​

  • Tour start and goal will be different. Start: "Kanda", goal: "Onarimon" (next station on Yamanote line)

  • Feel the Japan's famous "Pink & Full scent" in Tokyo.​

  • Off course you will get the knowledge of Tokyo,

  • The early flowers blooming little by little, getting ready for the full bloom 2 week.

  • We Japanese will enjoy this beautiful season with "HANAMI", which means "Hana"="Flower"+ "MI" = "To see".

  • Let go ride under the blooming cherry blossoms.