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Q: How do I book a tour?

       Please refer "Booking"  page

Q: Do I need to book a tour?

Yes you do. We need to prepare rental bicycles in advance.

Q: When do I pay the tour fee?

Either credit card(Visa, Mastercard,) payment or deposit in our bank account.

Please deposit the fee in advance. We will let you know after the tour application.

Q: Can I get  a receipt?

Please mention the request with name wanted to be invoiced in the notes of the booking form. We will give it to you on the day.

Q: Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes you can. We will let you know with returning mail of confirming your booking.


Q: Is it open for any age?

Yes, there is no age limit. But you must be able to ride a bicycle properly.

 Check the bike size at this page.

  • The lowest saddle height will be 78cm minimum.

  • Minimum height of the rider to ride this bike will be approximately 147cm (about 4ft 8in).

  • Also he/she must be able to ride a bicycle properly.

Q: Is there a child fee?

A child fee will be applied to children under 18 years(over 12 years) of age.

At least one guardian should come with them. Only children can not join the tour.

 *Children can not join All Night Tour .

Q: Can I ride double with my child?

No, there is no extra seat mounted on a bicycle.

Also you can not join the tour by holding and carrying your child on your back .

Q: I could not be fit enough.

Don't worry. The Electrical-Assist bike will help you.

Q: Can I join the tour by myself?

There are many solo customers.

Q: Can I join the tour with my own bicycle?

Yes you can.

But you need to pay the fee that includes a rental bicycle.

You also need to be able to fix bike troubles like flat tires by yourself.

Q: What kind of a bicycle do you use during the tour?

We use an Electrical-Assist bike. See more here


Q: What should I wear and bring?

Please wear comfortable clothes for cycling.

You do not need to bring anything else.

Q: Is it hot?  Is it cold?

Please check our "Tokyo Forecast NOW!" page

You may want to bring extra windbreak clothes for  sudden changes in temperature.

Q: I don't own any rain jacket.

You can buy a simple one at any convenience stores in Tokyo. It costs you about 500 yen.

Q: Do I need to bring a backpack?

Only the front basket (27 x 33 x 18cm) of the bicycle can carry your belongings.

* Slightly differs between each models.

Please bring a backpack for any belongings that don't fit in the basket.

We do not offer you a rental backpack service.


Q: What if it rains?

The tour will be held as scheduled even if it rains, but may be canceled due to rough weather.

We will let you know 12 hours prior to the scheduled tour time for carrying it out or not. 

We will be holding the tour when it rains little and is not a rough weather.

Tour guide will decide weather if it will affect the tour. 

If you wish to cancel the tour even if it will be held, the cancellation fee will be charged.

Q: What if I canceled the tour?

Cancellation fee occurs as provided in a cancellation rule.

Cancellation fees

In the case of cancellation by the customer reason:


cancel on the day before tour = 50% of the tour charge

cancel on the day of the tour = 100% of the tour charge

All the contacts after 18:00 (JST Japan time) will be treated on the next day.

On the day

Q: Where do we meet?

We will inform on the confirmation mail.

Q: What if I'm late?

Please call the emergency contact number if you will be late.

We will cope the situation as flexible as we can but there's a chance that you can't join the tour.

Q: What should I do with my belongings that I don't need for the tour.

It can not be keep the luggage.

Q: Is there any bathroom stop during the tour?

Yes, there is.

Q: What should I do if I get sick during the tour?

We will take care of you as much as we can.

Q: Can I drink alcohol?

It is against Road Traffic Law to ride a bicycle when you are intoxicated.

Do not drink alcohol before and through the tour.

You can't join the tour if you are already intoxicated when we gather.

You won't receive a refund either in this case.

Q: Can I post/upload  the photos of the tour on my blog/homepage or SNS?

Please make sure you will ask for an agreement if other customers would appear in the photos.

Q: What if I got lost?

We make sure not to let that happen during the tour.

However, in case it happens, please stay in the same place and look for a landmark to know your current place.

Also, please be ready to pick up a phone call from us.

Q: I have never ridden an Electrical-Assist bike.

If you can ride a normal bicycle, you'll have no problem.

Q: I can't fix a flat.

Our staff will fix your flat.

Q: How will I get treated with the insurance in case of an injury.

We will do our best within our insurance offers.

Q: Tip?

Tip is included in tour price.

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