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Cruise with VINGT ET UN

Open Deck Cruise 

A.Lunch time Cruise   12:00 -14:00 2 hours

B.Twilight Cruise        16:20 -18:20 2 hours

C.Dinner time Cruise  19:20 -21:20 2 hours

Cruise price per person: (1 drink included)

  18 years old and over: ¥4,000 + 8%tax = ¥4,320

  Under 12years(over 6years)old: ¥3,000 + 8%tax = ¥3,240

       *Adults must be accompanied.

What you will see :

 2 hour of [Tokyo Tower,Rainbow bridge,Ooi Container Pier ]

Course Description :

A. Lunch time Cruise 12:00~14:00(11:30 on board)

Under the bright sky, Tokyo Bay's great outlook

IMG_7435 - コピー.JPG

B. Twilight Cruise 16:20~18:20(15:50 on board)

Sunset, Magic Hour's Tokyo Bay


C. Dinner time Cruise 19:20~21:20(18:50 on board)

Dazzling light, Great night view of Tokyo Bay


Tokyo Tower
Tokyo Tower is radio tower which was built in 1958.
The height is 333 meters.
There is observatory area for sightseeing.
The design of light up change depending on season and current event.

Rainbow bridge
Rainbow bridge opened in 1993. The height of bridge of beam is 52 meters.
Vehicle and train are possible to cross the bridge also pedestrian, but not
for bicycle.

Ooi Container Pier
Lenth: 2354 meters. It is one the world’s pre-eminent scale.
These cranes are line up like a huge giraffe, which are a sight to see.
The height of the headland is almost 150 meters.

Reclaimed Area (Odaiba)
In 1853 (end of Edo era ), government landfilled this area to make battery
guns for Maritime defense(because of visiting Perry Matthew). At that time,
there were eight battery guns in this area.
Later on, landfilled are expanded which leads to now.
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