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E-bike makes everyone smile


Our E-bike is a electric assist bike. The electrical motor assists rider's pedaling power. Not a motor bike runs by a twist of the throttle. In Europe, we hear that it is called PEDELEC.

Riding E-bike is very easy. Electric assist, because also supports distance running is also uphill. Uphill you might feel like a smooth road. There is no fear for the headwind. Our tour is 17km in longest, everyone is able to ride at the same speed same pace, from a skilled cyclist and to ones does not very often.



E-bike rides safe because of it's low center of gravity. Heavy motor is in the low position, making horizontal shakes stable and hard to fall. Small wheel will also make smooth turning on a small corners in town. Using powerful brake mechanism that firmly stops heavy bike, your ride will be filled with confidence.


After all, E-bike is fun just to riding on it. If you ride with your party, everyone will be smiling. However, the fatigue from ride will come slowly afterwards. It is a 3 hours of aerobic exercise after all. Very interesting.


For Further infomations on our E-bike, see this page.

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