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"Overnight Tour 2017" booking has started

オーバーナイトツアー 2017 の予約が始まりました。

Overnight Tour

Sleepless Tokyo, overnight ride

Overnight Tour ¥15,800+8%tax

23:00pm - 5:00am 6hrs

Tokyo's mid summer is hot. OK, the how about cool midnight ride?

Summer time only "Overnight Tour" is now booking!

ONLY ON AUGUST FRIDAYS! (Just 4 rides in a year!)


Aug 04 Fri.

Aug 11 Fri.

Aug 18 Fri.

Aug 25 Fri.

Enjoy the ride your would never experience, under the summer moon. * More than 5 people is required * 18 YEARS OLD AND OVER ONLY

After the last train home has gone, people should be sleeping, but not in "Roppongi" area. The light are shiny, people are swaying(or drunk), party people are on their move.

Then onto quiet secret place. You really need light to ride around there. There we do Japanese traditional "test of one's courage" ride. There is no ghost in Japan, I hope...

Through the changes of scenic, then to the bay dawn. Seagull will welcome you with their morning songs. We will end our tour at early morning Tsukiji Fish market. How about Sushi for your breakfast?

This is the Overnight tour. The ride you will never experience except for this chance. Shall we enjoy the Tokyo midnight cruising? Check out THIS page for more.

Book your overnight ride here:



8月 04日 (金)

8月 11日 (金)

8月 18日 (金)

8月 25日 (金)


* 18才以上の方のみ参加可能です。

終電の時間を過ぎると、人影もまばらなはずなのに、六本木に近づくと、突然街はギラギラ! 人はフラフラ(酔っぱらって) これから彼らは朝まで行くぞ〜、な人たちで大賑わい。




ご予約は、上の"Book Now"ボタンから、ぜひどうぞ。

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