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About beef bowl beyond that corner その角の先にある牛丼について

Beef bowl, "Guy-don" is a meal of beef("gyu") on rice bowl("don") for those of you hungry in sudden. Cooked shredded beef and onion put on rice bowl. your hunger will fly away with this bowl.

It will be popular not only for its taste but also for its price. Regular size "Nami" is about 290 yen to 380 yen depending on shop and campaign. You can satiety your hunger with very good price compared to other restaurants and sushi restaurants.

Beef bowls can be eaten at street corner stores such as "Yoshinoya", "Matsuya", "Sukiya". It will not be a problem to find it because it is all over, around the next corner.

The beef bowl is delicious itself, but there is another way to enjoy them better. Ask the raw egg as side menu, melt it and put it on a beef bowl. There is no doubt that you can enjoy another taste of beef bowl. Try it.







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