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Tempura is not originally Japanese cuisine!?

Do you know Tempura is one of the famous Japanese traditional foods?

Yes, Tempura is a Japanese dish usually consisting of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried.

We eat it with Soba(buckwheat) , Udon(thick Japanese noodle) also with rice called Tendon(Tempura Donburi).

Actually,Tempura was introduced into Japan from Portugal in 15 century.

At that time, gun was also introduced from them.

We couldn't eat Tempura many times because we use much oil when we cook.

After 16 century, It is gradually spread people in Edo.

Nowadays, we are easily to eat any shops.

Most Japanese people eat Soba and Tempura in new years eve's dinner in order to send off the old year.

We had nice new year party with our lovely staff in local tempura shop.

It is located in our AM course. The shop name is Tenmasa(天正)

Our cycling course is not only tourist spot but also local area.

We are trying to be friendly with town people.

Our special guide will take you to Japanese local shop during the tour!

This is not possible like big group tour.

Try Japanese local Tempura shop after the our cycling Tour!

We are waiting for your booking!

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