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Beautiful Hand Made Card in Asakusa ✉

Do you often send Greeting card? Nowadays, we tend to send message by E-mail easily. Today, we would like to introduce unique shop in Asakusa Tokyo. JAPANESE HAND MADE CARD “nakazawa” sells more than 200 type of handmade card. When you enter this store, the atmosphere is so ambient. There are variety of cards such as Japanese “Byobu” the folding wall, and for all the celebrations in the life events. Japanese public holiday cards are also available.

You will see different face each season. Multipurpose type of card is most popular one. Each card has crane in it, which makes so beautiful. You can decorate it in entrance or everywhere you like.

“Byobu”, the folding wall is a Japanese traditional indoor ornament.  Tradition houses has it and use as a screen, prevent wind, and enjoy the picture on it.

There are also birthday card in 8 languages, thank you card, wedding cards, and celebrating the birth. If you are interested in sending cards to whom you love, CARD SHOP nakazawa is surely recommended. During tour, we will try to visit local shop. Say hello to people in Tokyo!!


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