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Illumination in Tokyo

東京都内各所のイルミネーションが点灯し始めました! そこで待ってましたとばかりに下見をしてきました。

各所に散らばるイルミネーションも自転車なら連続して効率よく巡れます。 都心はけっこう坂が多いのですが電動アシスト自転車なので楽ちん!



Illuminations in various places in Tokyo have started to light up!

If you use a bicycle, you can efficiently go around the illuminations scattered all over the place.

There are quite a lot of slopes in the city center, but it is easy because it is an electric assist bicycle!

From next week, more Christmas-style illuminations will be added, so I'll report back on that!


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