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HANAMI, Cherry Blossom Ride (3/27 - 4/7)


"SAKURA", the Cherry Blossom season is about to come. The early flowers blooming little by little, getting ready for the full bloom 2 week.

As we announced this year's Cherry blossom's blooming forecast, one of the Tokyo's famous "Pink & Full scent" is coming. We Japanese will enjoy this beautiful season with "HANAMI", which means "Hana"+"MI"="Flower"+"To see".

Not just to see, but we polite Japanese people really like to party under the Cherry Blossoms. In this time of the season. Every talks about their HANAMI schedule. When, where, with whom, "it's the 3rd HANAMI this week", or something like that.

We want share this happy HANAMI party weeks to all over the world. So we will be updating all of our courses to


for the following limited time only. (March 27th ~ April 7th,2017 = 2017/3/27 - 2017/4/7)

The special course connects the famous Cherry blooming to very local HANAMI spots. You will off course get the knowledge of Tokyo, and see how the local Tokyo getting excited.

All the bookings can be done directly to us with this button.

Any date between Mar27-Apr7 will be HANAMI ride. Morning, Afternoon, and exciting Evening night time SAKURA.

Also, there is a saying in Japanse, "HANA yori DANGO" meaning "What's better than a flower? SWEETS!"

Join the HANAMI, Cycling Holiday Tokyo.

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