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Good lunch "Oyako don"=Parent & child bowl.

Let us introduce Japanese common lunch. It' called "Oyako-don" meaning the "Parents-Child Bowl".

Why is it called so? It is a Chicken-Egg bowl as you can see. Tender grilled chicken seasoned with Soy sauce and Japanese stock, grounded with soft grilled creamy egg, which will be cover on top of the rice bowl.

Why is it called "Oyako Don"="Parents & child bowl" ? Now you know why.

Very usual and common lunch, and it's good wherever you eat them. However, it is too standard and normal, it is VERY hard to find really good ones.

And we found a very good Oyako Don just near our Meeting point.

Will be best for quick lunch before our Afternoon (PM) tour.

Down the stairs near the meeting point, and on the right side, you will find this food court entrance.

Find this place, "Tori-Sanwa". The small counter, great atmosphere of Japanese food culture.

The menu is as this. All good, but I personally like the best always. So I pick 1,059 yen version, which uses the best chicken and egg.

It comes with chopstick and spoon.

Good Oyako don has the soy flavor harmonized with creamy egg tastes just perfectly.

Japanese hot chilly spice. Not so hot, but it tastes good. This is Japanese food culture. Not too much, just right.

For those of you want to try the Japan's only food, "umeboshi" the PLUM.

Find out on Wiki what's "Umeboshi" the healthy good SOUR! food.

There are other shops and stores around. If you have time, it will be fun to walk and eat around but our Afternoon (PM) tour starts 13:30, don't be late!

Join the party, Cycling Holiday Tokyo.

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