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We are getting some reviews from our guests!


We are recieving some reviews from our guests! Thank you very much!

Let's pick up some words from there.


"Nice tour guide. Very helpful. Good experience. I will recommend friends!"

--Thank you! Please do, please do!

"Don't miss this tour if you have a few hours of time. Knowledgeable, and friendly guide with excellent equipment and great stops along the way showing modern Tokyo and ancient Tokyo and areas in between."

--3 hours, concentrated, E-bike nice and easy Tokyo trip is what we are. Thank you!

"Tour perhaps a little long given the cold weather. Electric bikes great and guides helpful, but perhaps a quick stop for tea or coffee to warm up"

--We are sorry about what you felt. Maybe a warm Japanese Tea stop next time. Shall we bring some hot Japanese tea to share?

"We had an amazing time cycling around Tokyo with Niwa! He showed us the city gems!"

--Yes, our producer Niwa-san IS the best cycling guide in Japan.


To our guests, if your would write our review, we would appriciate it. It is also in Trip advisor here

Hope to ride our E-bike with you!

私たちのツアーへレビュー、評価を頂いております! ありがとうございます!





「もし数時間の空き時間があるなら、このツアーはDon't miss だね。得られる知識、親切なガイド、素晴らしい機材、そして近代と過去とが入り交じった東京模様」









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