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Sumo town="Ryogoku" station now has a "Sumo ring".


Ryogoku is a place known as "Sumo-Town". There is a Sumo specific stadium called "Ryogkoku Kokugikan" which their Kanji(Chinese letter) characters itself represents "House of the National Sport”.

On our AM tour, we will be riding through there, and as it is a real Sumo-Town, Sumo wrestlers just finished their training walking around living their usual life. Our customers tend to ask them taking photos together. Wrestlers answers are mostly "Yes" with a big smile.

In the station of Ryogkoku, there is a restaurant place called "Edo-Noren". Traditional Japanese food restaurants with traditional looking. It reminds us funky old "Edo" period (Tokyo 400 year ago), never seen them in real, though ;-)

The building itself is really photogenic, but more of that, we heard that there is a real-sized Sumo-ring = Dohyo has built in there. Let's go check them out.

Uhhhh! It is real! The Dohyo we've seen on TV is really here!

It's not that big! The huge Sumo wrestler really bang themselves in this small ring!

The height or the ring is high! If fallen, it must be seriously hurt!

Sumo, is, a genuine marshal art...

These were our honest impression seeing the Dohyo. It became our new point to visit if the time permits us in the tour.

Tokyo is evolving towards 2020 Tokyo Olympic. A brand new surprises in every single day, even for us Tokyo locals. Lets ride through this evolving city, with fatigue-less E-bike with us!




その両国駅の構内には、『両国‐ 江戸NOREN』というレストラン街があります。



おおおお! ホントだ! テレビで見たことある土俵がほんとにある!

おもったより大きくないぞ! こんな狭いところで、あんなでかいスモウレスラーたちが本気でぶつかり合うのか!

しかも、高さは結構あるぞ! こんなところから落っこちたら、ハンパない痛そうだぞ!




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