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We have been introduced in ""!


The Website we have been interested in, "" has introduced us, the Cycling Holiday Tokyo E-bike tour in their article. Thank you very much!

Article about us is here. Please read and see how we are discribed from the third party's view.

The reason why we were interested in this "" is that this website acts as an "Encyclopedia of Japan" in multi-language.

Many facts about Japan, which we Japanese ourselves does not notice in particular as it is too normal, everyday thing for us.This also means that this website carries a lot of "OK, we are seen that way from outside" ideas.

Also, a lot of tips & hints to explain our own culture and existence to the whole world, which those skills will be extremely needed in coming global society in Japan.

For Japanese people who has a lot of chance to meet foreign people, we would recommend at lease take a glance on this







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