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Have you ever heard memorial service for old neeldes (Hari-kuyo)?

Hari-kuyo is Japanese traditional event to pray for old needles which are bent, distorted or rusted to Shinto shrine or Temple.

We put old needles into soft food like Tofu(soy bean) or Konnyaku(devil tongue jelly)

The reason why they are on the soft foods is, they should be on the soft things for the last time.

Also, this day is to improve their sewing skill.

8th Feb in Kanto area , 8th Dec is Kansai area.

I saw many old women inside temple.

They might be sewing workers.

My grandma used to be Sewing worker and she sometimes fixed my clothes...

I remind my grandma when I saw them.

Plum tree is also beautiful now!

You can find it in our tour route! We are waiting for your Booking!!

Take by Awashimadou in Sensouji temple

Needles into Tofu.

Please take

a rest 

Taken by Awashimadou in Sensouji Temple

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