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Traditional Rice Cracker shop "Kohagidou"at Monja street

Let us introduce the rice cracker shop in Tsukishima Monja Street, which we will visit on our tour. It is called "Kohagidou".

These are the rice crackers. Japanese traditional snack

Rice cracker is Japanese traditional snack. Made of rice, pasted and baked. Salty or soy sauce tasted.

The atmosphere of the shop reminds us of the old time Japan, as if you had a time slip 50 years ago. The scent of "Showa period".

Whenever we enter the shop, shop staff welcomes us with friendly attitude and treat us kindly.

This shop is family owned, managed by parents and their daughter.

They often talk about how the town being changed, their daily life, and shop's recommendations.

There are various types of rice crackers, they are all delicious.

Long time ago, This Tsukishima area was an "island" and a "factory zone". Many workers used ferry boats.

This area survived the war time, so that old style wooden Japanese apartment houses still remain in the narrow alleys.

And when you look up in the sky, in contrast, a tower condominium is going under construction in Tsukishima.

Even in these difficult situation, the shop open as usual and maintains a good relationship with regular customers.

This shop was originally opened 85 years ago in Kachidoki area, then, they moved here in Tsukishima 53 years ago.

In our tour, we value the connection with the locals and make every effort to ensure that our guests can enjoy themselves.

We now also have tours done in Japanese language. We are sure that you will enjoy this tour in Japanese.

月島もんじゃストリートにある昔ながらのあられ屋さん “胡萩堂“















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