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Winter Tradition ”Komomaki”

During the tour, one of the customer asked us...

"What are those straw rolled up with pine tree?

We did not know why.... so we asked gardener nearby a garden.

He taught us these are called "Komomaki" which protect against pests.

Pests eat pine needle which can weaken the tree.

In Winter time, pests come down to ground.

They tend to overwinter inside dead leaves.

Bottom part of straw need to tie tightly so that we can keep it inside straw during winter time.

When Spring come, the straw will be taken off and burned. The ash will be a fertilizer.

We found komomaki in Hibiya Park.

This tradition last from Edo period almost 400 years ago.

We also have pine tree around imperial palace but no longer use ”komomaki”.

We always welcome your small questions. We will try to answer for you.

A lot of people came to Japan for skying this month.

Tokyo's weather is very warm☼ almost Spring!

Come and join us!

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