8+1 rules for the Tokyo safety ride

東京を安全に走るための8+1のルール。 To have all of the tours safe, there is 8+1 rules that we want participants to follow. These are all part of Japanese traffic rules and regulations. ------------------------------ 1. Always Stop on this red upside down triangle "Stop Sign" 2. Bicycles will ride on left side of the roadway. Japan's traffic is left sided. Please keep on the left side when riding on the roadways. 3. Riding on sidewalks are permitted in some cases. However, the pedestrians are the first priority and ride slow. During our tour, we will ride on sidewalks and roadways depending on the situations. This is the sign indicates the sidewalk where bicycle are permitted to ride. 4. When turning right,

Tokyo's now and then, is here

東京の昔と今がここに。 This is the park I like. From here you could see Tokyo's now and then. Imperial Palace, ancient form gates of "Edo Castle", and sky scraper buildings. Tokyo has a lot of different scenics. These scenic change is one of the Tokyo's charm. We suppose Tokyo has more elevation than other cities. That's why we could see most of the city from the top, like a highest place on castle. With normal bicycle, coming here is to climbing up the steep hills with tears. Instead, our E-bike would come here much more easily. And best of all, for that, there is not many people coming here. Real good but unknown spot. How do you like that? It's from our Afternoon PM tour. Join us on your next visit.

E-bike makes everyone smile

電動アシストEバイクなら、みんなが笑顔に Our E-bike is a electric assist bike. The electrical motor assists rider's pedaling power. Not a motor bike runs by a twist of the throttle. In Europe, we hear that it is called PEDELEC. Riding E-bike is very easy. Electric assist, because also supports distance running is also uphill. Uphill you might feel like a smooth road. There is no fear for the headwind. Our tour is 17km in longest, everyone is able to ride at the same speed same pace, from a skilled cyclist and to ones does not very often. 私たちのEバイクは、電動アシストバイクです。ペダルを踏んだ力をモーターがアシストする自転車です。スロットルをひねると進むモーターバイクではありません。ヨーロッパでは、PEDELECとも呼ばれているようです。 Eバイクを走らせるのは、とても楽ちんです。電動アシストが、登り坂も走る距離もサポートするからです。登り坂を平坦な道のように感じるかもしれません。

Which industry is big in Japan?

『日本で大きいのはどの産業?』 "Which industry is big in Japan?" One day, our customer asked us this questions. We could not answer them right away, so we put them here the information we researched as a note. We checked the internet and found out from website here. All datas are from year March 2013. ある日、お客様に尋ねられた質問がありましたが、すぐさまお答えできませんでした。備忘録として、記載します。こちらのウェブサイトの内容を記載しています。2013年3月のデータです。 http://gyokai-search.com/2nd-ranking.htm The Industry scale ranking 業界規模ランキング 1 Wholesale 卸売 88.16 兆円 = $800 billion USD(約8,000億USドル) 2 Electrical equipment 電気機器 80.71兆円 $727 billion USD 7200億USD 3 Consumer electronics 家電 67.15 兆円 $605 billion USD 6050億USD 4 Automobile 自動車 60.37 兆円 $543 billion USD 5430億USD 5 Retail

Magnolia, a week before cherry blossom

桜の開花1週間前のもくれん開花 This pretty flower is called "Mokuren" the magnolia. At the small park near Chidorigafuchi, by Imperial Palace. This flower reminds us the spring to come. In our expression, maglnolia here will get full bloom about a week before the bloom of cherry blossoms. From now on, the flowing of Tokyo speeds up and welcomes spring. The photo is from yesterday. Lets get ready for HANAMI Cherry blossom Tokyo ride! Find out more about Cherry blossom ride at https://www.cyclingholiday.tokyo/single-post/2017/03/06/HANAMICherry-Blossom-Ride-Tour-327---47-only この花は皇居に隣接すろ千鳥ヶ淵の近くにある、小さな公園のモクレン。これが毎年、楽しみなんです。 私たちの印象では、桜(ソメイヨシノ)が開花する1週間くらい前に、ここのモクレンは満開になります。これで都心の花の開花がどんどん加速、というイメージです。(その前に梅もありま

A weird vending machine on AM tour

自販機の話(サイクリングホリデー東京 午前コース) ​ Visitors to Japan tend to take photos like this. Says that there is way too many vending machines in Japan. From hour investigation, there are 5,500,000 in Japan. A lot? Really don't know. So we devided this number with Japanese population. That is 1 vending machine for every 23 people. A lot, very. 訪日外国人旅行者は、こんなふうに写真を撮りたがります。 なんでも日本には自販機があちこちに溢れているのだとか。 調べてみるとその台数は550万台。 これって多いの? よくワカラン。そこで日本の人口をこの台数で割ってみた。 なんと23人に1台という割合! あ、多いね、とっても…。 ​ Yes, not many countries carries as this much. Some people tells us it will be broken somehow and the money will be taken. But the number is not our conversation. The vending machine we will be visiting in our AM tour has s

Our brochure online, read all about it

ブローシャーがオンラインに上がりました。 Our brochure is at last, now online. Please download them by clicking here. It will tell you about our tour, and WHY Cycling Holiday Tokyo. http;//cyclingholiday.tokyo こちらをクリックして、ダウロードしてください。 私たちのツアー、サイクリングホリデー東京の理由を記載しています。 http;//cyclingholiday.tokyo

3/27 - 4/7 HANAMI, the Cherry blossom ride

花見ライドの季節です。 [HOT NEWS] Meteorological Agency officially announced that the Somei Yoshino Cherries are now blooming! "Cherry blossoms get an early start in Tokyo despite chilly, wet weather" (Japan Times / March 21 2017 ) Cherry blossom season is coming! ALL of our TOURS on 2017/3/27 - 4/7 will be ​ "HANAMI" ride, the Cherry blossom tour One for the best time of the year! Enjoy Hanami ride! Cycling Holiday Tokyo. www.cyclingholiday.tokyo #CherryBlossom

5 Japanese words you need to know to enjoy Tokyo

When visiting Japan, we would suggest you to remember these easy 5 Japanese words. These will make your Tokyo local communications much more easier. domo (dough mow) -- Hi sone (saw ney) --- That's right iine (eee ney) -- Nice arigato (ally gateau) --- Thank you matane (matta ney) --- See you I know these are not in your Japanese dictionary. Yes, these are the feelings not the meanings, like a bike ride. If you want to know particular term in particular cases, please let us know your guides. Join the party, Cycling Holiday Tokyo. http://cyclingholiday.tokyo

Good lunch "Oyako don"=Parent & child bowl.

Let us introduce Japanese common lunch. It' called "Oyako-don" meaning the "Parents-Child Bowl". Why is it called so? It is a Chicken-Egg bowl as you can see. Tender grilled chicken seasoned with Soy sauce and Japanese stock, grounded with soft grilled creamy egg, which will be cover on top of the rice bowl. Why is it called "Oyako Don"="Parents & child bowl" ? Now you know why. Very usual and common lunch, and it's good wherever you eat them. However, it is too standard and normal, it is VERY hard to find really good ones. And we found a very good Oyako Don just near our Meeting point. Will be best for quick lunch before our Afternoon (PM) tour. Down the stairs near the meeting point, and o

HANAMI, Cherry Blossom Ride (3/27 - 4/7)

花見ライドの季節です(3/27〜4/7)。 "SAKURA", the Cherry Blossom season is about to come. The early flowers blooming little by little, getting ready for the full bloom 2 week. As we announced this year's Cherry blossom's blooming forecast, one of the Tokyo's famous "Pink & Full scent" is coming. We Japanese will enjoy this beautiful season with "HANAMI", which means "Hana"+"MI"="Flower"+"To see". Not just to see, but we polite Japanese people really like to party under the Cherry Blossoms. In this time of the season. Every talks about their HANAMI schedule. When, where, with whom, "it's the 3rd HANAMI this week", or something like that. We want share this happy HANAMI party weeks to all over the world. So

Basic info about 2017 cherry blossoms

In March, Japanese starts thinking about Blooming of Sakura tree, the cherry blossoms. From the forecast, 2017 cherry will bloom on: At Ueno Park; March 23, 2017 Basic knowledge we Japanese know about cherry blossoms is; From bloom to full bloom; About a week Best time to enjoy: from bloom to 4~5 days Flowers will last about a week from full bloom. The ending, shower of cherry blossoms is like nothing else. We, Cycling Holiday Tokyo is planning Cherry Blossom Ride tour on these days. Stay tuned. #CherryBlossom

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