Overnight Tour Experimental Tour report

オーバーナイトツアーの『お試しツアー』レポート CYCLING HOLIDAY TOKYO is offering special tours on Summer Friday nights. The Overnight Tour, starts on August Friday nights ride until the dawn on Saturday morning. We are now ready for booking on our special seasonal tour. Before the real tour, we invited a Journalist of "JAPAN TIMES" to let all of you know more about the essence of our Overnight tour. She is used to ride bikes, but it was her first time riding the E-bike. With the very first pedal stroke, she seems totally stoked. Wow, it looks like the the night will be wonderful! We rode the fashion boutique avenue, then onto the quiet streets. With turing the corner, suddenly the Tokyo tower or brilliant skyscrap

Our Tour Introduced in "Time Out Tokyo" website

『タイムアウト東京』にて紹介されました Here is the article "Hop on an e-bike with Cycling Holiday Tokyo and rediscover the city on two wheels" Time Out Tokyo magazine is one of the best Free-zine you could get in Tokyo, to know more about Tokyo's now. There is a lot of infos that local Japanese would not know, which we locals also be interested. https://www.timeout.com/tokyo They publish some great articles like "30 things to do in Tokyo" (I have only have done 12 of them) or "Where to ride out from Tokyo if you brought a bicycle with you" (I've ridden them all and loved them) , and great maps as well. https://www.timeout.com/tokyo The first paragraph describes what we are trying to tell all. "Sometim

Recommended Restaurants & Bars Along Our Courses

コース近くにあるお薦めお食事処&バー These are our recommendations of several authentic restaurants and bars near our CYCLING HOLIDAY TOKYO courses. All of these have a century of history, more or less. Some are little expensive restaurants, yet they are very worthwhile and memorable, especially if this is your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tokyo. (CHT Guide: Bubba) Starter for your night / Cocktails with history * Bar Oak @Tokyo Station Hotel http://www.tokyostationhotel.jp/restaurants/oak/ You can really relax here and escape from the hustle of the busy business Marunouchi Area (west of Tokyo Station). This is the main bar of "Tokyo Station Hotel" which is on the station itself, feel it's 103 years of history.

"Overnight Tour 2017" booking has started

オーバーナイトツアー 2017 の予約が始まりました。 Sleepless Tokyo, overnight ride Overnight Tour ¥15,800+8%tax 23:00pm - 5:00am 6hrs Tokyo's mid summer is hot. OK, the how about cool midnight ride? Summer time only "Overnight Tour" is now booking! ONLY ON AUGUST FRIDAYS! (Just 4 rides in a year!) 2017 Aug 04 Fri. Aug 11 Fri. Aug 18 Fri. Aug 25 Fri. Enjoy the ride your would never experience, under the summer moon. ​ * More than 5 people is required * 18 YEARS OLD AND OVER ONLY After the last train home has gone, people should be sleeping, but not in "Roppongi" area. The light are shiny, people are swaying(or drunk), party people are on their move. Then onto quiet secret place. You really need light to

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