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What to wear and what to bring


Please wear comfortable clothes for cycling.

You can ride our E-bike wearing your skirt, but wearing a tight pencil skirt could be a bitter experience. (Check out here) That's all you will need. We do not keep your belongings. Please use a coin lockers nearby.

We offer you a rental helmet.

Wearing a helmet is not required by Road Traffic Law, but to wear one is effort obligation set by Tokyo city regulation.

E-bike comes with a front basket of size 27 x 33 x 18cm (size differs each models). It will carry your belongings. Please bring a backpack for any belongings that don't fit in the basket. We do not offer rental backpack service.

You may want to bring extra windbreaker for sudden changes in temperature. You can buy a simple rain jacket at any convenience stores in Tokyo. It costs you about 700 yen.

Also, a bottle of water. Hydration is critical. There are lot of vending machines on the way, so drink water, a sip in every 30 min.

Enjoy our tour.






Eバイクには前かごが付いてきます。サイズは27 x 33 x 18cmです(モデルごとに差があります)。荷物はここに入れることができますが、これに収まらないものはバックパックなどをご利用ください。レンタルのバッグはございません。




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