We have been introduced in "JapanHoppers.com"!

”JapanHoppers.com”にご紹介頂きました! The Website we have been interested in, "JapanHoppers.com" has introduced us, the Cycling Holiday Tokyo E-bike tour in their article. Thank you very much! Article about us is here. Please read and see how we are discribed from the third party's view. "Tokyo Activity 〜Cycling Holiday Tokyo〜 Taking a peek at the ordinary life of Tokyo" https://www.japanhoppers.com/en/features/leisure/390/ The reason why we were interested in this "Japanhoppers.com" is that this website acts as an "Encyclopedia of Japan" in multi-language. Many facts about Japan, which we Japanese ourselves does not notice in particular as it is too normal, everyday thing for us.This also means that

Sumo town="Ryogoku" station now has a "Sumo ring".

相撲の街・両国駅にも、今や土俵が。 Ryogoku is a place known as "Sumo-Town". There is a Sumo specific stadium called "Ryogkoku Kokugikan" which their Kanji(Chinese letter) characters itself represents "House of the National Sport”. On our AM tour, we will be riding through there, and as it is a real Sumo-Town, Sumo wrestlers just finished their training walking around living their usual life. Our customers tend to ask them taking photos together. Wrestlers answers are mostly "Yes" with a big smile. In the station of Ryogkoku, there is a restaurant place called "Edo-Noren". Traditional Japanese food restaurants with traditional looking. It reminds us funky old "Edo" period (Tokyo 400 year ago), never seen them

We are getting some reviews from our guests!

私たちのツアーに対するレビュー、評価を頂いております。 We are recieving some reviews from our guests! Thank you very much! https://www.viator.com/tours/Tokyo/Tokyo-Cycling-Tour-by-Electric-Assist-Bike/d334-13441P142/TR Let's pick up some words from there. "Nice tour guide. Very helpful. Good experience. I will recommend friends!" --Thank you! Please do, please do! "Don't miss this tour if you have a few hours of time. Knowledgeable, and friendly guide with excellent equipment and great stops along the way showing modern Tokyo and ancient Tokyo and areas in between." --3 hours, concentrated, E-bike nice and easy Tokyo trip is what we are. Thank you! "Tour perhaps a little long given the cold weather. Electric bikes gre

What to wear and what to bring

着るもの、持ち物について。 Please wear comfortable clothes for cycling. You can ride our E-bike wearing your skirt, but wearing a tight pencil skirt could be a bitter experience. (Check out here) That's all you will need. We do not keep your belongings. Please use a coin lockers nearby. We offer you a rental helmet. Wearing a helmet is not required by Road Traffic Law, but to wear one is effort obligation set by Tokyo city regulation. E-bike comes with a front basket of size 27 x 33 x 18cm (size differs each models). It will carry your belongings. Please bring a backpack for any belongings that don't fit in the basket. We do not offer rental backpack service. You may want to bring extra windbreaker for

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